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Beans Flour 1ctn


For Moi Moi, Ekuru, Gbegiri, Akara, Can also be made into swallow for diabetic patients, 100 percent Natural, no preservatives and no additives added.

Note: there are 12 pieces of 1kg in a carton.

Miki Vita


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Odourless Fufu Flour 1ctn


Enjoy our Odourless Fufu Flour prepared and packaged under clean and serene environment, 100 percent Natural, no additives, no Preservatives added.

Note: There are 12 pieces of 1kg in a carton.



Stay abreast with fermented Pap/Akamu/Ogi we consume in our homes. Our Pap retains it’s sourness and can be prepared same way you prepare custard, it’s 100 percent natural, no preservatives, no additives added.

Note: There are 12 pieces of 1kg and 24 pieces of 500g.